How long as FCC been in existence?

Coalition members began working as an official coalition in 2001, but the groundwork began in 1983 with Judge Richard Wagner and the development of the Juvenile Probation Committee. The Coalition was a natural outgrowth of the Juvenile Probation Committee. Additionally, the strong desire of community members to make youth and families a priority has helped to strengthen the Coalition.

How can I help?

Become involved. Attend the monthly local coalition committee meetings in your county to find out were there is a need that you might be able to fill. Everyone has something to offer- and every offering counts in the promotion of a safe and healthy community.

How does the coalition help the community?

FCC offers a comprehensive and cohesive support network to the tri-county area. The FCC applies for grant funds and then channels these funds back into the tri-county communities - via the organizations, and agencies who provide the youth services and programs related to substance abuse prevention. FCC also provides free training to retail and law enforcement in an effort to help prevent sales to underage youth.

What is substance abuse prevention? Does it work?

Substance abuse prevention is the process of actively creating conditions and promoting personal traits that will place individuals at lower risk for abusing alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, legal and prescription drugs, and inhalants. While drug use rates fluctuate, concerted prevention efforts have proven themselves effective in reducing rates of drug/alcohol use especially among young people.

What is the Frontier Community Coalition?

The Frontier Community Coalition (FCC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing substance abuse in Humboldt, Lander, and Pershing Counties by creating a place where family, peers, and the community support every person, and where everyone can receive all that he or she needs to be safe, healthy, substance free, educated and a contributing member of the community.


Frontier Community Coalition

How is the coalition governed?

An eight member volunteer Board of Directors with representatives from each of the three counties served- Humboldt, Lander and Pershing- governs FCC. The coalition consist of three local Coalition Committees- one located in each county. FCC's staff includes a director, a deputy director, and three coalition coordinators- one serving each county.